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This is my band page. Everyone in my band is way more famous than I ever could be. They are all very accomplished musicians and only tolerate me being on the same stage as them! In the music business, I am a promoter, producer, publicist, publisher, manager, writer, or janitor before I am a real musician. But by virtue of me standing next to Jimmy Lyon and Ronnie Montrose for many years, I learned to play guitar. And by hanging around Greg Kihn and Eddie Money gig after gig, I morphed into a performer. So with a "if they can do it- I can do it" attitude I formed my own band based around the players available at the time of the performance and the scale of money available to offer. It has blown my mind the kinds of bands I've put together for the right amount of $$$!!!


My bands have played every rock club in the state of California. We have played the Alameda County fair, and the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles. We play for the motorcycle clubs every year at the Frog Jumps in Calavares county. Mostly a rawkus rock and roll band, we play clubs, fairs and festivals that want people to get up and dance, party, and have a good time. We don't do very well at events that want soft background music that no one pays attention to. And we don't do very well at weddings as most of the songs tend to be about breaking up or riding motorcycles!
We want you to love, dance, laugh, sing, jump for joy and drink to be happy.

And that’s just the kind of audience we want!


The Famous Hits Band is ever evolving into its own universe; many alumni members have come and gone into the band through windows from their own careers. This band has arisen through necessity by virtue of all the worlds it connects. The ‘Famous Hits” name reflects the family tree of songs and artists at the hand of this band, where somehow, somewhere someone in Rich’s travels touched the song or the artists performing. Most every song is a Famous Hit; you’ve heard them before but typically not your same ole cover song.  From our local hero, Eddie Money to Free, this classic rock set list hits your favorite local FM station right in the playlist! We cater to typical working class people that grew up with these songs. Common folk, Bikers, black leather, rock music types attend our concerts and club gigs. They all enjoy our CDs and T-Shirts.

And that’s just the kind of audience we want!


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