Gold Panning Camp and guides

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Quarry Camp



We have the best gold panning spot in the California motherlode.

Years of gold mining on this private property has proved the location is prime and there is still "gold in them hills" Contact us for your special trip into the past of the 49er's and come out with a vial of gold dust and hand bag of memories!


Managed by Richard Varrasso for Dennis Sanfilippo




“I've owned this land for years and haven't even begun to realize the potential of finding gold here. This is a known gold mining quarry with years of success and the tailings to prove it!”

                                                    Dennis S.

“My kid has so much fun panning, playing in the mud and water while outdoors in the fresh air and golden California sun.”

                                                    Rich V.



We keep it simple. We have private land with a gold rushing river and a rustic camp spot. We're here panning all summer and you can come join us for the fun; but panning is work, ya gotta know that in advance!